Hard to get women: love kittens seeking for playmates

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Ain’t she sweet when she plays hard to get with you? Perhaps, most adult men feel excited being involved in an innocent and joyful game called playing hard to get. In fact, this kind of adult games often needs no real-life meetings which makes it a sort of universal game very popular in many adult dating fans: free dating chat, naughty dating web-services, local sex dating websites are usual “action areas” for lovemates interested in playing hard to get with other adult fun seekers. Hope there’s no need to mention that most web-users playing sweet games online are women – love kittens hungry for rather specific petting.
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5 obvious signs sex/lust is the main value of your relations

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Well, folks, don’t know about you but when it comes to creating a couple (once again!) with a nice looking chick I would like to know what exactly I want to get from new relations, and know it for sure! Let me explain it to you: people often confuse romance and lust which may lead to rather unpleasant imponderables. Let me explain what I mean. Suppose you met a girl “of your kind” on a free sex dating site; a girls who was looking for come-and-go sex partner just to have a lovely time tonight. So far so good, eh? Suddenly you realize that you want to get something more long-lasting from your sexy fairy: you want her to be your one and only “permanent girlfriend”, not just a fuck buddy! As for her, she doesn’t really think you’re that Prince Charming she’d love to spend the rest of her life with; it’s not that you’re good enough just for nsa sex, not at all, you just… aren’t a boy of her dreams. Problema!

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There’s something childish in adult dating that makes men act like boys.

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Is it always easy to speak out when you’re in love? As for me, I still think that women usually feel more comfortable with making declarations of love in spite of all those crazy who-should-do-it-first beliefs widespread in modern society. It’s not that most guys today can’t switch to a gentleman mode when it’s necessary but sometimes it’s quite hard to get sensitive, understanding and gentle at once. You got that right, being in love may cause some troubles for inexperienced hearts. On the other hand, when it comes to so called Free Love embodied in local sex hookups, you don’t need to tie up with being Mr Perfect to catch a chick: nsa sex stands for pure voluptuous pleasures only!

However, even short-term relations make some grown-up folks feel kinda nervous which affects their behavior in very interesting way: adult men often act like children when they fall for hot dames. I really hope that evolutionary biology has an explanation for this phenomenon cause most behavior patterns human males demonstrate when trying to win females’ hearts (and not only hearts!) remind me of consort behavior you can observe in wild nature. Still in doubt? Well, let me refresh your memory then an give you a few most common examples:

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Romantic relations need something more that pure romance to last forever.

romantic relations

What are those things True Love consists of? Every time I ask this question I get a sort of a recipe in response: few millions of kisses, thousands of passionate embrace, a handful of worship and great portion of sex… As for me, a shake like that looks pretty appetizing for one night stand but when it comes to long-term romance it would be better to look for something less sugary. In other words, sex, hugs and kisses do mean a lot for relations but there are more important things that make love happen in your adult life.

Actually, things I’m going to talk about few lines below couldn’t be considered as breaking news for those boys and girls who have tasted the joys of adult life. Still, if you want to go beyond looking for local friends with benefits and try something more essential that fuck-and-roll dating, you may need to recall the following essential things in your mind; things that make romance full of pleasures and true satisfaction:

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