Circumcision and adultdating delight: is it so necessary to “snip your tip?”

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It may seem incredible, but America (USA to be more specific) seems to one of those countries where circumcision is absolutely normal, but… In opposite to Muslim, Jewish or African traditions, US men don’t actually have a good cause for snipping their tips! Moreover, even today we still have tons of close-to-medieval believes and myths concerning health benefits of circumcision. Funny, isn’t it?

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5 tips to meet hotter, fitter, younger girls in a matter of minutes

topless girlEvery guy wants to know how to meet girls easily, how to attract them with a single word. Here are 5 simple tips for those who want to hook up with girls as easy as one, two, three. Enjoy it!






Classic moves you can’t find on free sex hookup sites

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These days most human needs can be satisfied via specially designed web-services and it’s absolutely normal! Talking about romance and sexual relations, millions of modern adults prefer to fix their personal problems/look for new opportunities to meet their special someones using lots of paid and free sex dating websites, which, in it’s turn, makes adult dating kinda similar to a trivial shopping trip.

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There are no old-fashioned tricks in adult sex dating, but a lot of classic solutions

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We outgrow love like other things And put it in the drawer, Till it an antique fashion shows Like costumes grandsires wore. Emily Dickinson
Usually, when people talk about old-school dating, they mean the way teens met their love mates in 50’s or 60’s: hot nights in drive-ins, rolling in hay (literally!) and other attractions known to our grandpas and grandmoms as the most reliable ways to express their passion as well as satisfy their primal needs in sex. Yes sir-eee bob, those were the days!

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