“Is my penis normal?” Man, you got a perfect tool for adult fun having!

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Do you, lad, know any other part of your own body that could be surrounded by legends and conjectures as much as your love-making tool? No-no-no, I’m not talking about those praises every next ex- of yours offers to her “bestest-and-closest” friends (as follows from your stories). Leave those fairy tales to someone more gullible.

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A couple of substantial reason your girlfriend may need a Gay Friend.


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Yeah, bud, you got that right: a Gay Friend! Sometimes to be in love isn’t enough for your babe to make her feel absolutely happy with her grown-up life. I’m not talking about That Girl You Know spending hopeless hours on full free sex sites for unhappy dudeds or look for “another chance” on quite reliable adult chat sites right after she realized you’re “a good lover but poor friend.” Sometimes you got to spend whole your life, day by day, to understand the way She thinks and what is your place in Her system of values.

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XXX movies and real-life adult sex dating: a few useful lessons we can take from porn

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Visiting online sex sites, having naughty chat in virtual sex chat rooms and watching porn movies – these ways of having adult fun are well-known to many modern adult singles appreciating delights of sex dating online. Actually, two of three mentioned ways may lead to definite results in real life: using adult online dating services may turn into “actual” date; sticking in online dating chat rooms is a perfect opportunity for naughty dating or successful no strings local sex game.

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Fake or true? Let’s have a serious “adult sex talk” about her Big O.

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As you, guys, know, tricks of various kinds make the main component of female nature. It’s not that girls were made to stuff boys at the first opportunity, not at all. The truth is women just love playing games with us, men, cause we usually pretend to be so damn serious and confident about the whole mess of things that happen ’round. Frankly, I think that behavior is one of those key points that make chicks so attractive and mysterious in our eyes. Especially when it comes to adult dating intrigue!

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