The art of “sexy kissing.” Secret technique of successful adult sex dating, for men

sexy kiss
So, kissing, eh? Sure thing, such an experienced adult dating admirer like you has all necessary know-how for making a kissy face and joining two pairs of hot lips in a “sweet saliva exchange.” Sounds weird, doesn’t it? On the other hand, we have deplorable situation with “joyful kissing” in the world of moder Adult Dating, indeed.

In fact, many adult singles in USA and United Kingdom these days are more interested in naughty dating able to provide a short cut to adult sex without commitments rather than taking care about long-lasting relations full of true adult fun and sensual pleasures. Sad but using kisses in bed can be considered as a senseless obligation most naughty dating seekers use as a kind of a pre-game to Adult sex.

However, if you want to know more about your sex partner’s sensitive places and make your in-bed games full of true passion and gentle pleasures, you may need to learn to use your lips “in a proper way.” Talking about woman’s body (yep, this time we’ll talk about having adult fun with a real woman!), it has many “interesting places” hungry for tender touch of your warm lips (let’s pretend they are really “warm” and “tender”). Here’s a list on the most important “targets” created specially for those fellas who have lack of their own fantasy but dream of a full-fledged dating for sex:

Target #1: Her Face. Cheeks, eyebrows, forehead, lips – place light kisses on these areas to make her feel your careful passion.

Warning! Avoid licking her face: very few of your possible adult sex mates may like this dubious caress.

Target #2: Her Ears. No comments are needed here.

Target #3: Back of Her Neck. Yep, right under the hair. Let her feel that sweet shiver running down her back…

Target #4: Her Breasts. Perhaps, this one is the most exciting place for kissing (depending on “da size” though). However, be very careful: the slightest mistake can ruin your dreams about having adult fun this night. Learn to be guided by her reactions to your touches.

Target #5: Her Hips & “Hidden Treasure.” Finally, the complete freedom of action is yours! Almost every your kiss “in here” will make her feel horny and full of desire. Be very careful though: women seriously interested in having adult sex with you right here and right now can act extremely unpredictable after this procedure.

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