Top Advice on How to Tell a Girl You Want Her


Inside your head you might be drooling over a gorgeous female. But if you were to suddenly blurt out exactly what was on your mind she’d run a mile. There’s a time and a place to articulate your feelings forcefully – in bed for one – but not when you’re at the early stages of getting to know her. The key word is subtlety.

You can build up to the moment. Start by giving her compliments. That can lead to joking, lightening the tone. Once you’ve got her relaxed, start flirting, injecting your conversation with ever more suggestive remarks.

A lot of what you can get away with is down to where you actually are. Suppose you happen to be in a busy wine bar or a club. If you approach a girl you fancy and tell her how much you want her she’ll suspect you’ve already used that line any number of times. But if the mood is far more romantic, like in a restaurant where you’re gazing into one another’s eyes over a delicious meal, saying you want her will have far more potency. She’ll be equally caught up in the moment and will totally accept your remarks. It goes without saying that the ultimate location for telling her how much you want her is when you’re between the sheets.

How to talk about sex

The important aspect of sex is this. Although it’s something couples love doing, for various reasons they aren’t always as comfortable about discussing it. But you should never have any hang-ups about putting your feelings on the line. Talking about sex is as natural as actually doing it.

There are many ways to broach the subject (again, almost as many as ways of doing it!) If you’re just having a laugh, with lots of flirting, this will be the perfect moment to let her know exactly how much you are turned on. When the mood is more serious, lean in close then peck her lightly on the face or neck. Now you can whisper into her ear. Just the sound of your voice so close to her will give her goosebumps. And it will certainly let your partner know how much you are into her.

It can be done without conversation. Eye contact. Glancing at her lips, then over her curves. Stroking her skin. Playing with her hair. You can make your point in subtler ways than just coming out with it.

Dynamic dates

A fantastic way to let your girl know how much she turns you in is by really spoiling her. Take her out for a tasty meal. Wine and dine her. Whisk her off on a surprise weekend getaway. By giving her some much attention she’ll soon get the message that you don’t just like her. You totally want her!

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