This is How You Have a Weekend Long Sex Marathon

how to have  weekend Sex Marathon
A weekend long sex marathon can add a new dimension to your relationship. It can help you to reconnect to one another or it can really spice up your sex life if it has become a bit boring.
Most people can’t just dive right into a weekend long sex marathon – you need to prepare first and also follow some rules to keep your body and mind healthy.
Let’s look at what you should do before you start the sex marathon and how to make sure you last the distance and stay safe when doing so.

Masturbate Regularly Beforehand

You don’t want to be all out of sex in the first hour. Premature ejaculation can put a real downer on a weekend long sex session so you need to prepare your body first.
Masturbate regularly in the weeks and days before the weekend you have earmarked for your sex marathon. Practice stopping yourself before you ejaculate and then resuming again – this will help massively with your stamina and endurance. Do this several times per day if you can and by the time that the weekend comes round you will be ready to go.

Keep Hydrated

Sex leaves us massively dehydrated.
Make sure that you drink plenty of water over the course of the weekend. This is even more important if you plan on consuming a lot of alcohol as well. Not only will this maintain your high hydration levels but it will also allow you to last longer too as you will be more awake and alert. Dehydration leads to tiredness and fatigue.

Eat the Right Food

Increase your intake of vitamin B-12 as well. This is found in foods such as eggs, beef and certain fish and you can even get supplements of vitamin B-12 too.
This helps with your blood circulation by allowing blood to flow around your body more freely and it will also boost your energy as well which is vital for going all weekend long.

Take Frequent Breaks

Lastly, you should also have regular breaks during the weekend. This can be to just relax for a while or even to catch a bit of sleep to recharge your batteries.
It also helps physically too and ensures that no damage is done during the weekend long sex marathon. Don’t feel like you need to have sex constantly over the weekend, a few hours break now and again will do wonders for your energy and sexual appetite.

Having a Weekend Long Sex Marathon

This can really add something extra to your relationship however you shouldn’t go straight ahead and have a weekend long sex marathon without any preparation.
Do some masturbation exercises to increase your endurance, make sure that you keep hydrated, take regular breaks and also eat the right foods. Follow these tips and you will have the weekend of your life. Not only is this incredibly fun but it also brings you closer to your partner and can add some zest back into your sex life if it has begun to stagnate.

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