”Weird” men’s habits most women can easily interpret

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They say, love can change your life. IMHO, it’s absolutely true, and I’m not talking about the way you take real life when you’re in love, oh no! Which is more interesting, some thing in your life change even before creating a couple: right that moment you meet that “very special women” that makes your heart speed up, you start acting “weird” even without realizing it.

Even those smart guys who prefer to satisfy their adult needs via meeting horny locals in adult chat or browsing popular virtual agencies looking for friends with benefits “with no risk of failure,” can easily catch the changes that happen right after they face Pure Affection. In other words, even those lads who consider sex hook ups as the best, and the easiest way of adult dating, aren’t immune to oddity when it comes to sincere romance.

On the other hand, behavioral changes make an integral part of courtship in most modern animals including human beings. You got that right, chum: no matter how hard you try to seem human your real nature is pretty hard to hide. You’re an animal, lad, just go with that!

Fortunately for you, my dear friend, your potential love mate is “coded” to accept and interpret most of your weird habits she can notice. Thus, next time you catch yourself sitting in a club and starring at a beautiful stranger without even thinking of asking her out, rest assured: you are a weirdo in love!

Besides, just to make sure you got me right, I give you the most common examples of that weird behavior your potential girlfriend “likes” so much:

Staring without asking her out. In fact, men just love gape at quite looking things. Unfortunately, ability to appreciate the beauty doesn’t imply a desire to know more about that beauty. Put simply, we can feast our eyes on a hot chick without even thinking of asking her out for tonight. Well, ain’t that weird?!

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Men usually hide their emotions. Although in most cases our actions are more efficient than precious words, most of us, guys, still refrain from “performance” in favour of long-winded declarations of love. Well, in some cases it works fine, but when you dare show your true feeling to Her, it will score up to ten extra points for your image in Her eyes, believe it or not. Yep, chicks love emotions; they are made of emotions from head to toe, so if you want to succeed in the Great Games of Love, you’d better open your big heart from time to time.

Guys usually excite girls they like. Well, ain’t that funny? I mean, instead of making compliments to your lady you sometimes prefer to tease her about her haircut or else! I really know how it feels: sometimes you just can’t help it! Catch Her attention in such a strange way is one of the most natural things for a man in love. So that’s how things are!

No calls, please, I’m a man! Perhaps, this one is really weird habit: men usually don’t call after they promised. Still, we, guys, often hate hanging on the phone for a few hours in a row talking about how much we love our turtledoves. This is why we prefer to keep their happy by giving idle promises concerning phone calls. Moreover, fellas, sometimes all that phone stuff can completely slip out of out mind… 😉

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