What to Do to Make Sure She Enjoys it When She is on Top

what to do when she is on top

There can be various reasons why your partner might not appreciate you maneuvering yourself so you’re in the submissive position. A lot of girls prefer to reach their climax when you are the one thrusting into them. Missionary-style, they can be far more flexible, grasping your hair, raking their nails down your back, or wrapping their legs around you. When they are straddling your groin area they are more restricted. It’s not always as comfortable for them, either.

Another tip is to consider what’s happening to your girlfriend’s hair while this is all going on. If she has flowing tresses these are eventually going to start getting in the way. The harder at it you go, there will be sweating involved, which won’t be comfortable for either or you when her hair starts coming in between you and getting matted to flesh. It might be an idea to suggest she ties her hair up beforehand.


When she is inclining towards you, stretching down to kiss you and caress your body, you should gently push her into a more vertical posture. This is because she’ll get a far more enjoyable sensation if she can feel your penis pushing straight up into her vagina. Also, when you are shoving down with your weight there is far more scope for clitoral stimulation. But when she is on top it is going to take longer for her to reach an orgasm. Of course, there is never any harm in delaying this moment for as long as possible, but you will sense when she her desire levels are shifting up a notch. At that point you could apply the necessary magic touch by deftly rubbing at her clitoris while she continues to ride you.


One of the biggest issues with a woman going on top is the fact it can get tiring. Straddling her partner and grinding her pelvis around his manhood will eventually cause muscles to ache, especially if they’re not called upon to perform these gyrations on a regular basis. It’s important to take a rest every so often, and you can encourage her to do this by drawing her in for passionate kisses, ensuring she rests her hands on either side of you while doing this.


If you want to make the most of what can be a fatiguing activity, try and match your partner’s rhythm. Once you get into synch with one another the whole experience will become far more pleasurable and her thigh muscles won’t be put under so much strain. A woman should also be aware that pinioning all her weight down on a man will eventually take its toll on his erection – so she should wriggle around every so often to redistribute the weight.

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