What Turns a Man On? Secrets Revealed

Male sexual fantasy

There are three things you should know about a man’s sexual fantasies. Firstly, they will be unique. Much as guys love exchanging locker room stories, when it comes down to individual preferences these will be very personal. Secondly, for all that they’ll brag about sex, deep down they’ll be more guarded about admitting to you what really turns them on. But lastly, from a woman’s point of view, it should be fairly easy to find out what is most likely to get him hot under the collar.

Teasing his eyeline

There are obvious ways to turn a man on. They are visual thinkers and will react spontaneously. In other words, they are slaves to their libidos. A figure-hugging outfit displaying generous cleavage, a short skirt, high heels, flowing hair (or any combination of these) will have the same affect on a guy as hypnosis.

Men also love females who stand out from a crowd, especially if they have the type of brash confidence that might be described as ‘sassy’ or even brazen. Tattoos are becoming increasingly common but a bold ink design sprawling over a shoulder or the small of a back still has the ability to excite.

Aural messages

The way you talk to a man can send shivers up his spine. Everyone has heard of the phrase ‘sweet nothings’, meaning smalltalk that doesn’t actually say anything. But a few choice words will do wonders for his ego, stoking has passions and his determination to give you a good time later. In the back of your taxi home after an entertaining date, simply lean into his ear and whisper what you’d love him to do to you the moment you’re back over the threshold. Right there in the hallway. Emphasize your point by one casual stroke down his inside leg. His desire needle will rocket into the red.

What turns a man on

Under the duvet, talking dirty is guaranteed to transform his mood from eager to a craving. This is a way of you altering your personality into a fantasy figure, and of also making him feel submissive. Much as guys like to take control in certain situations, they are equally keen to be dominated by an assertive vixen, someone who might even initiate some spanking, or tying up.


Because fantasies come in so many shapes and sizes, your relationship will progress to the next level far quicker if you just ask him what he likes best. Far from putting him on the spot, simply opening up about his fetishes or dreams will get the pot simmering immediately. Ask him to elaborate about what he’d like you to do to him. And where. Suggest you begin with your fingertips and then switch to your tongue. Fix him with a sultry look. What you’ll now see before you is someone who is all yours.

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