How to Please Your Woman, with Kisses Only!

Kissing is not exclusive to your partner’s mouth, trying out other parts of her body is a great way to increase sexual arousal and build up the sexual tension. Using your mouth, lips and tongue across the whole of her body is the pefect way to learn about her reactions, likes and dislikes.

Communicate with Kisses

Communicating and exploring her body with your kisses a simple and exciting way to learn what she likes and what turns her on. Once you know where her hotspots are then this is your secret to getting her in the mood! However, all women are different and by communicating with kisses you can rest assured that each lady will tell you exactly what she likes. Gently use the softness of your lips to explore her and learn how to pleasure your lady. Enjoy communicating with kisses and learning to like what and where she likes it, don’t forget each moan and groan is the key to her erogenous zones.

Pin Point Accuracy

Communication is key, whether it’s nonverbal or subtly noises and groans, this is your opportunity to learn and explore further. However your partner may be too shy to tell you or show you what she wants and enjoys. Use different methods with pin point accuracy to get the answers you need to please her further. Using the tips of your fingers while you kiss in and around the vagina is a perfectly place to end, however this is a marathon not a sprint and you don’t forget you have two hands. Caress her inner thighs with your other hand or carefully massaging her breasts while you kiss around her shoulders and neck can stimulate her on a number of levels. Start slowly using various pressures of your lips and tongue while using one or two fingertips to slide around her body letting her know where you may go next. Your other can be kept busy by holding her hand while you kiss or gently smoothing over sensual zones of her body such as thighs, lower back and behind the knees.

Down South

Don’t just head down south straight away, there are so many missed opportunities to build the tension and get her ready before this point. Of course, kiss her lips but don’t stay their long. Slowly turn her around if you are standing and gently kiss her neck under hair line and in between your shoulder blades. Running your tongue to create a little lubrication down her spine to the top of her bum will send her crazy. Take your time with this, and if and when you are both ready then spin her back around making you perfect height for oral.
Experimenting with different techniques, speeds and pressures is the only way you will both learn how to kiss each other properly. There is no right or wrong way to kiss her in places you haven’t explored before, if you communicate together you can certainly have fun finding out.

In the Zone

Kissing the back of her thighs if she is laying down is a perfect starting point. However kissing the back of her thighs when she is standing and you will notice a whole different positive reaction. Because your partner has to stay standing and keep her balance this adds to the pleasure she is receiving and amplifies her feelings. Keep her standing while you move behind her knees with your lips and feel her struggle to contain her excitement. Again use your fingertips to gently guider her and caress other parts of her body such as hips, pubic bone and buttocks. Set yourself a challenge and stand her in front of the bed, secretly set yourself a goal to only use your lips and tongue to kiss her into a state of pleasure that she collapses onto the bed ready for the next stage of intimacy. This will be a huge turn on for the both of you.

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