Women, any fantasies you don’t tell your husband? It’s time to show your cards!

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Once upon a time there lived a man whose impious ideas concerning human sexuality have revolutionized the minds of simple people all over the world. Even today you can meet his name in the latest scientific reports intended to provide more or less clear answers to vital issues in field of gender relationshuman sexual health. As you might already guess, the name of that man is Sigmund Freud, old chap Freud whose psychoanalysis theories have turned into a real pain in the… leg for a few generations of naughty dating fans.

Inter alia, Freud was convinced that dames’ sexy fantasies are nothing but a sure sign of sexual dissatisfaction. To be more precise, when your woman is fantasizing in bed, that means she’s unhappy with your love-making skills. Well, ain’t that funny?! I hope, most of you, my dear local sex dating admirers, are experienced enough to disprove that case. Indeedee, it’s pretty hard to imagine joyful sexual relations with lack of hot adult games inspired by horny fantasies. Moreover, most modern ways of adult fun having you choose in the Adult Web (including such specific gems as fuckmilfs web-services or Belfast swingers dating) require great deal of you fantasy just to imagine all that fun you can get from staying in touch with full-o-love brothers and sisters in Lust.

As for naughty fantasies of our sweet and tender ladies, they deserve a special mention.

Main types of sexy fantasies that make top list of women’s desires.

Before we’ll talk about main types of women’s in-bed fantasies, I need to remind you that ability to catch or even foresee your sex mates desires is one of the most important skills every Man needs to develop in order to get to the highest level of sexual performance. In this regard, you might need to learn more about dames horny fantasies which actually can be subdivided into the following subject-groups:

Submission. This one is mah fave… To put it short, next time your babe is about to play Scarlett O’Hara, try your best and turn into Rhett Butler. That’s right, champ, grab her and let that innocent sexy thing know who’s the boss here! Be careful though: in spite of the fact that most women may have so called “rape-fantasies” when making love with you, only a few of them really want to become a part of your “rape-experience.” A couple of strong words, dare look, and confident (sometimes even close-to-rude) actions will be enough to make your sexy doll to be on top of the world.

Domination. Actually, this one is almost the same as the previous one but the main difference here is that domination turns the tables: this time, fella, it’s your turn to act like a helpless Scarlett O’Hara! So, if want to feel like a slave of love, go ahead and let your turtledove make you whine with passion. I bet, she has all the necessary known-how to make your dreams come true!

Exhibitionism and voyeurism. Sometimes playin’ good-ol’ “show me yours, and I’ll show you mine” may spice-up your sexual games. And not only that! Some women feel really excited when somebody watches them make love with their sex mates. Sex in public? Yeah, you got that right, partner! It’s about time to extend your sexual horizon, and try something that will make you feel so naughty and dare in the eyes of other people. L’amour de trois is one of the best ways to share your sexuality with someone from outside.

Sex with… you. Surprise!!! In fact, very many women report high level of satisfaction when dream of having sex with their actual partners in different situations, various places, etc. So, you have at least one reason to stay as cool as you are right now: the role you play in your relations still makes your babe want you!

Personal experience vs porn: the source of sexual fantasies really matters!

Some people prefer to find the shortcuts to the magic well of sexual fantasies, and use various porn storiesclips to diversify their monotonous sexual menu. As for me, porn rules in some very specific cases, but if you want to create your very own sexy story, it would be better to rely on your own brain and desire.

Besides, porn industry is full of “exaggerations” and “misbeliefs” true adult fun connoisseur avoids in most cases. Hope, you, guys, know what I’m talking about. If not, folks from KBcreativelab provide the most clear (and yummy!) answer to the following question: what’s the difference between real sex and porn:

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