Why do 20% of Women Like Watching Lesbian Videos

women watch lesbian videos

There is a universe of difference in what women like to watch compared to what men lust after. In males, stimulation is based on the mechanics of their bodies. When they are aroused blood flows to their genitals, allowing erections. Viagra doesn’t promote amorous feelings; all it does is stiffen a key part of their anatomy. With women the picture is far more complicated.

Why do women prefer to watch girls?

When it comes to porn videos, heterosexual males clearly obsess about watching straight sex, and will even be amenable to girl on girl action. But watching other males indulge in homosexual activities will leave the vast majority of men cold. Females of all sexualities tend to be far more receptive, with studies revealing women find all sorts of different things stimulating, from lesbian action, homoerotic sex scenes, and even wildlife documentaries features different species copulating.

While men certainly love seeking lesbian porn (statistics have revealed this very subject lies at number six in the top 10 of popular male internet searches), the figures are even higher for females. But this doesn’t mean for a second that these women are all repressed lesbians. What it does reveal is that females have a very strong and discerning appreciation of sexual fantasies.

Content of porn films: straight vs lesbian

Porn targeting heterosexual men often relies on ridiculous storylines, where the females involved are degraded or exploited. Women might be subjected to multiple partners, and even if the actress on screen is giving every impression of having a good time, the reality of these situations is rarely conducive to consensual joy.

Compared to this straight porn that can be seem unimaginative, clichéd and focused on penetrative or oral sex where attaining a lurid climax is the be all and end all, lesbian videos are far more likely to include extended foreplay. Sex toys often feature prominently, introducing all manner of sophisticated or fun gadgets that are designed to send women wild. The footage is all about a celebration of sensuality. With lesbian scenarios there is more emphasis on clitoral stimulation and oral pleasure being the focus of attention.

What else can arouse modern women?

It is a fact of life that males often rush for the finishing line while their female partners are still lagging some distance behind, waiting in vain for further stimulation. Lesbian porn can therefore be introduced as an aspect of foreplay. Observing two women pleasuring themselves is a win-win situation for both partners, who will find themselves equally turned on.

While these are techniques that will come naturally to many lovers, actually being able to witness experienced protagonists getting down to various positions can be quite an eye-opener. The female in the relationship can also drop heavy hints about which particular aspects of the footage are turning her on the most.

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