What do women think about during sex? Do you really want to know it, bub? Guess, you do

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Well, folks, it’s time find the answer to the quite specific but actual question all we, me, ask from time to time: what do our girlfriends (or even wives) think about when we jump their bones. Those, who think that paying attention to things women usually keep in mind when having sex with you is nothing but a pure waste of time, will pay for the serious mistake they make, and the price for their ignorance will be very high. I tell you what, fellas, it’s not a shame to interest in ladies’ “bed thoughts,” it’s a shame to be a selfish jerk concentrated on his very own feelings and sexual needs. Moreover, when you are able to read the thoughts of your sweetheart, it makes your love-making skills more precious, whatever all those pesky mistakes you probably make every time when having adult fun with your girlfriend.

Some of you, lads, may ask: “Why do we actually need to read this story? Next time we need a news flash from the World of Adult Fun, we can get it from thousands of adult free sex sites owners providing tons of useful tips on how to lay down a chick and make her forget about everything ‘xcept her boyfriend’s wiener.” Fair ‘nough, but not all of us, guys, are able to analyze all that info we usually get on fancy (and really helpful, besides) free horny dating sites when looking for another come-and-go date. IMHO, ability to draw a conclusion in that ocean of the info we are used to furrow every day is a trick over 25-30% of modern men can’t do. In this regard, a ready-to-use set of tips is always easy to get, especially when it comes to things you have some notions of.

Things she MAY keep in her mind when banging with you.
Ok, guys, it’s about time to figure out what are those things are turtledoves may think of in the sweet moments of intimacy. Actually, there’s the whole mess of thoughts women change in their heads when they want your tinker to rock inside her. Most of those “gems” can be formulated as follows:

“OMG, I can’t do this when my kitty’s watching!” I guess, most of you, fellas, hate when somebody’s pinning you with his/her eyes right in the middle of your “love dance.” So, next time before starting your sex drive at full power, just make sure all your/her pets are outside of the bedroom.

sexy girl in bed

“Whoa, hon! What the hell R U doing?” Hope, there’s no need to remind you of such things, guys, but I’ll do it just in case: in order to make sexual intercourse really pleasurable you will need to find the tempo your sex partner will like for sure. Try to change the rhythm and frictions intensity to find the golden medium able to satisfy both of you. Although it may sound weird but full assimilation with your partner is one of the most things in the whole Adult World!

“Nope, sweetheart, THAT thing isn’t the clitoris.” So, if you decide to amaze her with your cunni-skills, be very attentive and watch… no-no-no, catch every single sigh and moan of her to make sure you’re on the right way to make her scream of pleasure. On the other hand, you can always ask her to play with her sweet button for you before oral sex, just to see her fingers touch the right place. Go on, don’t shy, try it and you’ll see what I mean!

“Should I use my vibrator? Will he understand?” Actually, using toys, especially during the foreplay, is quite normal thing for having adult fun. After all, she needs more time to “get started” so if she wouldn’t mind, good-old Bob (Battery Operated Boyfriend of her) could join you in your naughty games.

In fact, it’s quite easy to catch the thoughts of your women in such a serious and exciting moments like making love: most of them appear in the way they breath, talk, and act. As for you, learn to read her like the precious book full of exciting stories, hot stories about sweetest moments that make your heart ring like a bell!

sexy girl in bed